What we do

We are ICees B.V. , we are specialized in TV and Internet systems especially for the offshore branch for over 22 years now. We make sure that your crew can enjoy television, movies and/or internet on board! Your crew will be able to relax, to make more of their free time and contact their loved ones whenever they want. This will enhance life on board, thereby supporting job satisfaction.PA080035

Technological possibilities have evolved rapidly, and so have we. 20 years ago, we started out as a repair centre for (electronic) audio and video. We also built test equipment for aviation, so we’re used to making systems that demand a high level of reliability. Over time, we’ve developed into specialists of on board entertainment systems. In the process we’ve acquired extensive knowledge, from the basic electronic level till the design of elaborate systems.

DSCF3222How we work

We repair, design and install all possible brands and systems on board our clients vessels and rigs all over the world.
We build our own products especially to ease the operation for the client and for the circumstances offshore in order to give the systems a long lifetime with little maintenance.

Meanwhile we deliver all brands of domes for the use on rigs and ships including all necessary peripherals. We also deliver systems for Internet and Telephone at Sea and have developed our own special High Speed Crew Internet System. This system allows the crew to do everything on the net as they are used to do at home, only with limited speed, completely independent of the corporate-network, which we off course can deliver as well.

We work with all kind of brands and reliable suppliers in order to make sure the client gets exactly what they wish for. As not all suppliers are reliable these day’s we keep track of them and their products by testing everything we deliver as far as possible. We know it takes a lot of time and effort getting stuff on board so delivering not functional stuff will cots them double and give a lot of frustrations.

We also deliver all additional electronic equipment to our clients, like TV’s in the cabins, complete cinema interiors for the rec-rooms and many other product. Already existing systems can also be converted to the current standards or adding channels from various countries all over the world is on of the possibilities as well.

We offer global television/ internet reception, so our clients are located all over the world. They can be found in the offshore industry, as well as in pleasure craft and freight – among others.

Of Course we also deliver and repair Domes with Autotracking antenna’s, for TV (TVRO) as well as V-SAT(RXTX) from different brands.

We even have a lott of second hand domes on stock, for sale and for parts as well, so do you need expensive parts or parts urgently, let us know your Brand, Type and Serial and we can make a quick offer when we have availability of the right part and save a lott of money and time. Als see our new site for this


Systems we use

V-SAT Systems:

TV on board: