internet-no-borderCrew Internet

Reliable, fast internet for your offshore crew, that’s what we offer! Your crew will be able to surf freely on the internet – that is, without websites being blocked. In that way they can truly feel at home, and keep in touch with friends and family. The use of crew internet will not affect the speed of your business internet, because it’s a completely separate, standalone system. There are multiple options. Our freight customers mainly use automatic tracking devices, that will connect with a satellite all by themselves. Therefore they generate a reliable connection, and are user friendly. Of course also Business Internet complete with VOIP Telephone lines are available for connections all over the world.

For the last months we start rolling out our new Internet Service, named High Speed Crew Internet with speeds of 20Mb Download and 12 Mb Uploads speeds, even through satellite and in all weathers due to our modifications.

Television Systems

We have experience with all different kinds of systems like:analogue, digital, DVB-C, DVB-T, IPTV and different receivers all over the world. As our client moves around the globe we keep servicing them, from the North-pole till the South-pole.

tdx-no-borderVideo on Demand

We offer multimedia-systems so that your crew can enjoy their favorite movies, TV-shows and upload their own media-files online, to share them with colleagues. We will design a custom background for your multimedia player screens, with the logo of your company on it. Also, you will receive a personal, user friendly, designed manual and user guide with the logo of your company on it.

Abandon Units

In need of an alarm system that always works? Even when the regular system is temporarily shut down because of a calamity, or work in progress? Our mobile evacuation alarm units are the perfect solution! They operate fully independent, because they generate their own electricity and GSM signal. With our abandon units, your crew will always be warned in case of emergency.