Especially for a client of us up high in the North Sea with the most wind and severe weather
condition, we rebuild a Radome to fit a special Dish in it. The dish is capable of receiving
4 different satellite positions at the same time. For this client, it’s prealigned to
the Astra 1, Astra 2, Astra 3 and Hotbird to receive all their requested channels
for the different nationalities on board.

The can just step inside the Radome and walk through to align the dish with
the special build easy alignment system we also build for them. As wind
is no longer a factor, the fixing of the aligment can be done by hand instead of spanners.

The dish can rotate about 400 degrees without disconnecting any cabling
and has an easy connection board.

to make this delivery even more special, it will be placed as far from
the accommodation on a leg house so ift has free view of the south
for this difficult heading. To do this we delivered 3200 Meter of
very low loss cable and only one Amplifier in the 200 meter line.