Some Dutch channels are chaning frequently the next days as shown on the screen of the program. NGC and Hustler are a bigger problem, they need new equipment.

All channels on Frequency 12.344 on Astra 1 move to the 12.515 Frequency on the same Astra 1, also on Horizontal transmission but with a symbol rate of 22000 instead of 27500. So when you chang these settings on our proffesional receiver and scan for channels again the channel will work normal again. With some normal receivers (separate in recrooms or so) you have to scan new channels or do a fastscan with it, see the manual.

If you have problems, just send us a mail with your equipment and we’ll help you out.

ICees Team

At this moment we’re building two complete Satellite TV Systems, Fully HD till the rooms. We’ve included the channels the client want for their crew and client onboard as SKY Digital, Danish, Italian, Portuguese Russian and many more. Also we’re building and offshore delivering many smaller updates for the changing channels of the Dutch Canal Digitaal. We’re removing parts from the older system and placing a new TDX unit into it which we can access remote so future changings can be done from our office. Also these systems are easy expandable, can handle up to 60 channels from one base unit and can deliver all modern outputs as DVB-C, DVB-T and IPTV, all in one box.

We’ve build a brand new TV system, transmitting in Digital DVB-C giving the Crew over 40 channels, even in HD quality in all rooms.

Based on the latest technology and ready for all the future channel changing of the Dutch Channels from Astra 1 to Astra 3, all monitored and controlled from our workshop by our own designed and built TV Servers, connected to our own Crew Internet System giving us all the possibilities to change channels if needed without help form the crew onboard, saving them time and money.

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The competition hasen’t even stopped but already our girls are champion and undefeated this year!

Good job girls up to the Ere Division Live !

We’ve bought over 10 V-SAT systems from Seatel, only a couple of years old. We will refurbish these systems and replace what is needed to make them as new. When ready we will testdrive them on our TestShip to do final allignments and calibrations to make them even better than new. Ofcourse we will deliver them complete with all below deck equipment and if wanted complet with modem or other network equipment. We will deliver them in original or our own Black with Gold colors. Also we will revise the Airco units or rebuild them to TV reception systems for our clients. This way we can also use some not used parts and sell them as spares from stock or use them with the repairs we do on domes for over 18 years on all different brands.


We’ve build a special Multimedia System for a Ship so everyone can access all kind of Media from their own room by a special onboard Network system. One client is already very happy with is so we’re building the second system for a new Barge now.

No more need to carry data from one room to another and even recording from the onboard TV System is included.




We’ve just received the order for building and delivery of a new HD system for Dutch and Sky channels and additional delivery of 80 TV for all the rooms and 2 times 60″ TV’s for the Recrooms.

We’re building a complete new Satellite TV System for the Ensco 71 drilling rig, actually in the harbor for a new accommodation outfit.

The system also consist of 12 SKY HD channels, transmitted to all the rooms giving HD quality for everyone in his own room.

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